Basic Medical School

Xinchun Chen
School of Basic Medical Sciences
Immunology and Pathogenic Biology
Distinguished Professor

NAME  Xinchun Chen
POSITION TITLE  Distinguished Professor; Head, Department of Pathogen Biology; Associate Dean, School of Basic Medical Science

Gannan Medical College, Ganzhou, China                                                Clinical Medicine
Sun-Yat-Sen university of Medical Science, Guangzhou, China   M.S.     Oncology / Virology
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA                                        Ph.D.    Microbiology & Immunology

A. Personal Statement
I have been working in the field of TB over 15 years, first as clinical physician specializing TB and subsequently also as a research scientist and director of the TB Research Division at the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Infectious Disease. My research has focused on human immunity to TB with a long-term goal of developing novel diagnostic biomarkers and/or novel candidate molecules for TB prevention or treatment. While it is our advantage to describe immunological characteristics in human TB patients, I welcome the opportunities to translate research findings from animals models to our clinical population and to “back-translate” clinical findings into animals may also lead to more predictive, targeted and interpretable animal models of various stages of TB infection and disease.

B. Positions and Honors
1992-1995 Physician, Jiangxi Xinhua Hospital
1998-2002 Attending Doctor, Dept. tuberculosis, Shenzhen Donghu Hospital
2006-2009 Associate Professor and associate Director, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Infectious Disease
2010-present Professor and associate Director, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institute of Infectious Disease, Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital
2011-present Director, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Infection and Immunity
2016-present Distinguished Professor, Department of Pathogen Biology, Shenzhen University School of Medicine

C. most relevant peer-reviewed Publications (* corresponding author)
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D. Research Support
The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (NSFC Grant No.81525016) 01/2016-12/2020
“Infection and Immunity.”
The major goal of this grant is to investigate the potential of xCT as a target for host directed therapy against TB.
Role: Principal Investigator
Direct RMB ¥4,000,000
Shenzhen Science and Technology Grant (JSGG20160427104724699) 07/2016-12/2018
Host-directed therapy against tuberculosis in patients with diabetes.
The major goal of this grant is to define and develop strategy for host directed therapy against TB in patients with
Role: Principal Investigator
Direct RMB ¥3,500,000
National Nature Science Foundation of China( Grant No.81273140) 01/2013-12/2016
“IL1B/TGFB/Il6/IL17A gene SNPs alter the susceptibility to tuberculosis through regulation of IL-17 expression”
The major goal of this grant is to define the host genetics control of IL-17 response in tuberculosis and its contribution to
susceptibility to human tuberculosis.
Role: Principal Investigator
Direct RMB ¥750,000