Shenzhen University and the University of Sydney signed a Memorandum of co-constructing “Huaqiang-China-Australia Speech Rehabilitation Medical Cooperation Center”

From 8th May 2017 to 13th May 2017, with the support of Shenzhen Huaqiang Goup the Delegation of the University of Sydney, including Prof. Kathryn Refshauge -Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, Prof. Roger Garsia -Associate Dean of the Central Clinical School, University of Sydney, Dr. Cate Madill - Director of the Voice Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney and Dr. Daniel Novakovic Otolaryngologist (Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon) form University of Sydney, was invited by Porf. Weiguo Zhu - Director of SZUHSC to visit Health Science Center, Shenzhen University. The meeting about co-constructing “Huaqiang-China-Australia Speech Rehabilitation Medical Cooperation Center” between the delegation and the relevant program manager on SZUHSC has been held during the visit, in order to promote the program construction, and reach a number of consensuses on this program. Additionally, Shenzhen University, the University of Sydney and Huaqiang Group signed a memorandum of co-constructing Huaqiang-China-Australia Speech Rehabilitation Medical Cooperation Center.

In 13th May 2017, the signing ceremony was held in No. 201 conference room, the office building of Shenzhen University. Yihuan Wu, vice mayor of Shenzhen, witnessed the signing ceremony, Paul Sanda, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of Australia in Guangzhou, Michael Spence, President of the University of Sydney, Qingquan Li, President of Shenzhen University, Guangwei Liang, Chairman of the board of directors of Shenzhen Huaqiang Group, and the other relevant responsible people attended this signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony was presided by Hui Wang, Vice President of Shenzhen University. In the ceremony, President Qingquan Li first expressed his grateful thanks and warmly welcome to the Vice Mayor, Yihuan Wu, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of Australia in Guangzhou, Paul Sanda and the other guests form home and abroad. President Qingquan Li pointed out that since the development of Shenzhen University in the past 30-40 years; Shenzhen University follows the development of the special economic zones, speeding up the construction of high-level university and attaches great importance to international cooperation in higher education. The cooperation with the University of Sydney in the field of speech rehabilitation not only promotes the development of diagnosis & treatment technology for laryngeal disease in domestic and the training of medical talents, but also provides a new model for scientific and technological exchanges between the universities in China and Australia. Additionally, this cooperation promotes the internationalization of SZUHSC and also constitutes on constructing SZU to become a “double first-class “University.

Michael Spence, President of the University of Sydney, said it was a great honor to witness the signing of the cooperation agreement. The University of Sydney owns the world’s leading research center of speech pathology. They are looking forward to cooperate with Shenzhen University, to build this center as an influence scientific research center in the field of laryngeal cancer and speech rehabilitation in the Asian-Pacific region. Finally, he also expressed his grateful to Huaqiang’s generous support.

Guangwei Liang, Chairman of the board of directors of Shenzhen Huaqiang Group also pointed out that he is very pleased to witness the signing ceremony in Shenzhen University as an alumnus. He hope that this cooperation can obtain outstanding results to benefit the patients.

Finally, Paul Sanda, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of Australia in Guangzhou, said China has become the biggest trading partner to Australia. A rapidly development has been obtained for both sides, including the cooperation in the field of medical services. This time, the cooperation between the University of Sydney, Shenzhen University and Huaqiang Group, converging all advantaged resources. He wished the cooperation can be carried out smoothly.

After that, under the witness of the Vice Mayor Yihuan Wu, the Deputy Consul General Paul Sanda and the other guests, President Qingquan Li signed the cooperation memorandum with President Michael Spence and Mr. Guangwei Liang respectively.

The delegation of the University of Sydney visited the Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University and the Nanshan people's Hospital of Shenzhen this time. Dr. Cate Madill and Dr. Daniel Novakovic have brought wonderful academic lectures which received a warm welcome from doctors.