The delegation of Liu Hongyi, Secretary of Shenzhen University (SZU) Party committee, came to the Health Science Center (HSC) for research and guidance

In the morning of 8thMay 2017, the leaders of SZU visited Health ScienceCenter to make a guidance, including Secretary of the party committeeof SZU Hongyi Liu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committeeof SZU Zhigang Fan and Jun Li, Director of Party and Government Office Jifeng Dai, Executive Deputy Director of Administrative Committeeof Xili Campus Zhizhong Wang and Vice Minister of Organization Department Chaojie Wang. The leader of HSC and the leaders from the 2ndDepartment attended the meeting.

Weiguo Zhu, director of HSC introduced the overview of the development of HSC, including the establishment, organization structure, establishedprogram degree, faculty, achievements of scientific research, international cooperation, Translational Medicine Research Institutethe affiliated hospitals, HSC overall ranking, grants, published paper ranking, etc. Additionally, he pointed out that HSC will develop in the fields of medical, education and research in an all-round way, striving to enter the forefront of the national medical schools in 2025.

Jinglong Chai, the secretary of theschool’sparty committeemade a report, including the basic situationof the party members of the faculty and the student in HSC, the main job at this stage and the prospect of the next step. He pointed out that according to the requirement of party committee of SZU, we should focus on the party construction, the creation of harmonyand the promotion of development to complete the constructionof party at the basic level, and strengthcultural construction and the brand image advertising.

Yong Deng, who is from the construction office, Pinghu Hospital reported the construction and development situationof Pinghu Hospital and the progressof constructingthe affiliated hospital. The attended teacher made a statement about the student in the joint programand the foreign teacher in HSC. From the aspect of major, they hope the University can give a considerationof the professional specialtywhile elevating and introducingpost-doctor.

Secretary Hongyi Liu gave high evaluation and affirmation for the rapid development of HSC. He said, a good scale of development and a high development level have been formed in the school of medicine. The leader of HSC has a clear thinking of developing, the faculty has a great strength, and the research strength has a high development speed. Some outstanding results have been obtained in the aspects of students ‘trainingand internationalization. Additionally, he also affirmed that HSC can integrateclosely with industries to seek the development and paida great importance on party and cultural construction.

For the further development of HSC, the Secretary Hongyi Liu pointed out several requirementsand suggestions. 1. HSC needs to persist in high level of start point and high standard level, leading to construct first class discipline and school. 2. HSC is required to haveits own characteristic, integratingclosely with industryalong with the development of scientific research, strive to build a good reputation among the public. 3. Focusing on talent training, especially to cultivate clinical comprehensive ability of medical students, meanwhile, HSC need to pay attention on the City positioningof Shenzhen and the demand of the public in Shenzhen, leading to cultivate the required talents. 4. Strengthening the party construction, leader construction and faculty construction, adjustingthe management mechanismof the existedtalents and new introducedtalents. At the same time, need to keep the managementclean. He expressed thatthe leader of SZU will support the development of HSC as usual, and will hold a meeting around medical developmentas the topic in the future.