Gleeful News: Professor Wei-Guo Zhu of Shenzhen University Health Science Center awarded Special Support of National Key Research & Development Plan

Recently, High Technology Research and DevelopmentDepartment of Ministry of Science and Technologyissued the list of the Key Special Programpublicity in 2017 “Protein machinery and life process regulation”and the other Key Special Programs. The program of the chief scientist Professor Wei-Guo Zhu“Mechanism of novel protein machinery involved in DNA damage response for maintaining genomic stability”was approved and awarded grants around 28.79 million RMB.

This is the first approved National Key Special Program that was led by our university to declare.In total,there are 35 programs in “Protein machinery and life process regulation” have been approved in this year. Among them, Shenzhen University is the only university in Guangdong province.

National Key Research & Development Plan is the latest program management plan that implemented after the reform of the management of National Science and technology program. In China, it is in the highest level of current major program which integrates the original 973 Plan, the 863 plan, the national science and technology support plan, the international scientific & technological cooperation and exchange, and so on. The research team that is able to undertake such scientific research programs is essentially a leading international and domestic research team in the relevant field.

The program of the chief scientist professor Wei-Guo Zhu was started in October, 2016. Under the basis of long-term cooperation and exchange, this program depends on the basic medical school and Department of pharmacy, integrating advantageous resources of Beijing University, Zhejiang University, Biomedical analysis center of Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA and the other influential research forces in the field of genome stability and transformation research in China and builds a Young scientists team. The team includes 1 chief scientist of innovation group project National Natural Science Fund, 3 awardees of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 Distinguished professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program of China, 2 awardees of “Thousand Talent”plan and 3 awardees of National Outstanding Youth Fund, is aiming for performing systematic analysis of molecular mechanisms involved in genome stability, such as chromatin remodeling and non histone post-translational modifications and development of structural basis and targeting of natural small molecules. In addition, half of the team members are from the Health Science Center of Shenzhen University. Moreover, the implementation of this key program marks the forefront of our university in the field of basic & transformation research of genome stability. It is also as the result of the university continuously strengthening medical discipline construction and vigorously cultivating and introducing innovative talents.