SZU HSC and IFOM signed the Action Plan of Shenzhen University–IFOM Center for Genome Stability and Aging (SIGMA) & the opening ceremony of SIGMA

In  Oct, 26 th , 2017, the action plan signing ceremony of SIGMA has been held in the A6 building No. 811 room SZU HSC Xili Campus. Additionally, the opening ceremony of SIGMA and the 1 st  academic symposium have been held in the same time. Prof. Marco Foiani, Scientific Director of IFOM, Dr. Liang Guo, member of Scientific and Technological Innovation Committee (Shenzhen), Zhenkun Wen, Director of Science and technology Department, Shenzhen University, Prof. Wei-Guo Zhu, Director of Shenzhen University Health Science Center, Jinlong Chai, Secretary of the Party committee of School of Medicine Shenzhen University attended the ceremony. In addition, the Delegation of IFOM and the related leader from SZU HSC also attended the ceremony, including Francesco Blasi,Vice Director of IFOM, Dr. Dana Branzei, Dr. Setfano Casola, Dr. Andrea Ciliberto, Dr. Ylli Dokasni, Dr. Leonardo Biondi, Prof. Zhao-Qi Wang, Academician of the European Academy of Science, Dr. Harmut Vodermaier, Senior editor of EMBO Journal, Prof. Xingzhi Xu, Vice Dean of School of Medicine Shenzhen University, Prof. Xinchun Chen, Vice Dean of School of Basic Medical Science, Prof. Yongxian Cheng, Vice Dean of School of Pharmacy and Prof. Baohua Liu, Director of Medical Research Center. The ceremony was chaired by Prof. Xingzhi Xu.

In the ceremony, Prof. Wei-Guo Zhu first expressed his grateful thanks and warmly welcome to all the guests. Then, he made a general introduction of SZU HSC. Prof. Zhu pointed out that based on the overall goal of constructing high - level university, SZU HSC keep following the educational philosophy "Advanced, Elite, Leading and Exquisite" and also attaches great importance to the international construction in the field of teaching, scientific research and talents cultivation.  Genomic stability and its related diseases has became one of the key areas of research in the HSC. Relying on the Key Laboratory of genome stability and disease prevention and control in Guangdong, a team with international influence has been gathered in the HSC. This collaboration with IFOM will lead the development in this field in the future.

Prof. Marco Foiani  also made a general introduction of IFOM. IFOM is an internationally leading research institute in the field of genome stability and its related disease. The main contents of the research in IFOM are focused on aspects of Chromosome metabolism and cell signal transduction. In IFOM, there are 20 PIs, including 9 members of EMBO, 2 editorial advisory board members. Additionally, 12 papers had been published in Cell, Nature and Science from 2012 to 2015. He pointed out that IFOM also attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. Till date, a variety of international cooperation have been established, including joint laboratory in India (Bangalore) and Singapore (Japan will be in 2018). He said that he is very happy to see the cooperation between IFOM and SZU and he expressed his great expectations for this cooperation. He hopes this cooperation will be the start of a long-term and fruitful scientific partnership between the two sides.

Then, witnessed by both deputies and distinguished guests, Prof. Zhu and Prof. Foiani signed the action plan of  SIGMA and they also unveiled the nameplate for SIGMA.

At the end the 1st  academic symposium of SIGMA has been held  with the core members of the SIGMA .