SZU Pinghu Hospital

Guanghui Fan
Pinghu Hospital of Shenzhen University
Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular Department


NAME: Guanghui Fan

POSITION TITLE: Ping Hu Hospital of Shenzhen University






The Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China



Clinical Medicine


Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, China


Advanced Student



Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular Department



Xiangya School of Medicine, Changsha, China









Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular Department

Peking University, Beijing, China



Business Administration






A. Personal statement

Guanghui Fan is Second-level Technical Expert of the Military Civil Service with a Master’s degree in Cardiology and Business Administration. Currently, he is the Managing Director of the Second General Council of the Chinese Research Hospital Association (CRHA), an expert blind reviewer of Master’s and doctoral dissertations of the National Ministry of Education, Deputy Chairman of the Transformation Medical Committee of the Science and Technology Commission of the army, Chairman of the Scientific Research Management Committee of the former Guangzhou Military Region, and Head of Grade A Class Three Hospitals, a panel of the Military Regiment Hospital (Guangzhou area). He once served as Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader (2013 and 2014) of the Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award Evaluation Group (health specialty). He is a first-level technical expert on the evaluation expert database of military logistics science and technology equipment, and Deputy Head of a Major Confidential Special Task Group of the National Science and Technology Army. He is a first expert group member of the China Industry- University -Research Institute, a core expert in the research of major items of military combat rescue equipment, Deputy Chairman of the Preventive Medicine Council of Hubei Province, Deputy Chairman of the Hubei Health Management Association, Deputy Chairman of Wuhan Hospital Medical Quality Management Committee, and Vice President of Wuhan Hospital Management Association and other academic deputies.

Guanghui Fan’s main research directions are in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, modern hospital management, and research and development of practical technical products. In particular he specialist knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of common cardio-cerebrovascular diseases and chronic headache, night sweats, and rheumatoid arthritis with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. He is adept in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult cardiovascular diseases, refractory hypertension, and other incurable diseases. He is an expert in organizing major rescue in common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He is skilled in constructing a hospital's cultural soft power and information, leading and formulating the "Twelfth Five-Year" construction and development plan of the original Wuhan General Hospital. He is able to utilize military and land resources to develop practical technical products, and has developed a variety of military and civilian dual-use new drugs and new dressings. More than 10 million yuan has come from support by the national, military and other scientific research funds. He has published 118 academic papers as either first author or corresponding author. He has undertaken six major innovation projects nationwide and in the military; he has obtained 12 invention and utility model patents, and won first and second prizes in nine national, military and provincial science and technology progress awards. He has investigated four novel dual-use drugs and materials for military and civilian uses, including gastrodin sustained-release tablets for the treatment of chronic headaches, phencyclonate controlled-release tablets for long-acting anti-motion sickness and ships, and a new kaolin clay fiber hemostatic bandage dressing for warfare and traffic-related trauma.


B. Positions and honors


1978-1983 Bachelor, The Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China

1986-1987  Advanced student, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai, China

1992-1994Master, Xiangya School of Medicine, Changsha, China

2008-presentMBA, Peking University, Beijing, China



Award for China Innovation Science and Technology (1st place)

China Military Civilian Industry Academic Integration award

Second prizes of national, military and provincial science and technology progress (1st place)

First prizes of military and provincial science and technology progress (2nd place)


C. Representative publications (selected publications in last 5 years; 510)

1.Shaoqin Liu, Fang Fang, Guanghui Fan. Potassium selenocyanoacetate reduces the blood triacylglycerol and atherosclerotic plaques in high-fat-dieted mice. Cardiovasc Diagn Ther. 2019;9(6):561-567. doi: 10.21037/cdt.2019.12.05.

2.Guanghui Fan, Bo Diao, Yi Zhang. Application of modified oropharyngeal airway in emergency care of patients with traumatic brain injury. International Medical. 2014,21(2):1-3.

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