SZU General Hospital

Yinze Zhang
SZU General Hospital
Chief Technician


NAME: Yinze Zhang

POSITION TITLE: Director of the Blood Transfusion Department, Shenzhen University General Hospital






Academy of Military Medical Sciences





















A. Personal statement

Yinze Zhang, post-doctorate, is Chief Technician and Director of the Blood Transfusion Department, Shenzhen University General Hospital. Dr. Zhang holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Transfusion Branch of Guangdong Medical Association; Vice President of the Transfusion Branch of Shenzhen Medical Doctor Association; Member of the Shenzhen Committee and Expert Group for Clinical Rational Blood Use Management; a specially invited Member of the Editorial Board of the Chinese Journal of Immunology; and Member of the Editorial Boards of the Chinese Journal of Blood Transfusion and the Journal of Clinical Transfusion and Laboratory Medicine. 

Dr. Zhang took responsibility for one provincial Nature Science Foundation and seven scientific research projects at different levels for the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee and the Health and Population Planning Commission. He also participated in two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Over the past five years, Dr. Zhang has published three papers (SCI) and more than 20 articles in Chinese core journals as the first or corresponding author. He has written three monographs and participated in compiling five professional books. Additionally, he has received the 1st prize of the Provincial and Municipal Science and Technology Advancement as project leader, and one 3rd prize of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress award and two national invention patents as the main participant.


B. Positions and honors


2003-2015: Professor, Peking University Health Sciences Center, Beijing, China



2016: Award for Science and Technology, Beijing, 2nd position


C. Representative publications (selected publications in recent five years  5-10篇)

1.Yang Q, Zhu Q, Lu X, Du Y, Cao L, Shen C, Hou T, Li M, Li Z, Liu C, Wu D, Xu X, Wang L, Wang H, Zhao Y, Yang Y, Zhu WG*. (2017) G9a coordinates with the RPA complex to promote DNA damage repair and cell survival. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Jul 25;114(30):E6054-E6063.

2.Yinze Zhang, Hua Xu, Xin Wang, Lin Wang, Ruiqi Liu, Lu Li, Huayou Zhou. Single-strained DNA aptamers mask RhD antigenic epitopes on human RhD+ red blood cells to escape alloanti-RhD immunological recognition. Mol Med Rep. 2020;21(4):1841-1848.

3.Yinze Zhang, Fan Wu, Manni Wang, Naibao Zhuang, Huayou Zhou, Hua Xu. Single-stranded DNA sptamer targeting and neutralization of anti-D alloantibody: a potential therapeutic strategy for haemolytic diseases caused by Rhesus alloantibody. Blood Transfus. 2018;16(2):184-192.

4.Yinze Zhang, Hua Xu, Huayou Zhou, Fan Wu, Yuqin Su, Yanlian Liang, Dan Zhou. Indirect purification method provides high yield and quality ssDNA sublibrary for potential aptamer selection. Anal Biochem. 2015; 467:84-90.

5. Hao Zhang, Hua Xu, Yinze Zhang. RhD. membrane protein extraction and immobilization method. Chinese journal of blood transfusion. 2017, 30(9):975-977.

6. Zhen Li, Hua Xu, Yinze Zhang. Establishment of D-antigen immunostimulating T cell activation model. Chinese journal of blood transfusion. 2017, 30(9):978-980.

7. Zhen Li, Hua Xu, Yinze Zhang. ssDNA adapter blocking Fc gamma receptor mediated research macrophage phagocytosis. Chinese journal of blood transfusion. 2017, 30(9):981-983.


D. Research support

Ongoing projects (RMB)基金英文名 (项目编号)                                          01/01/2018 to 12/31/2022负责人英文名, PI                                                         ¥金额