Shenzhen University Health Science Center has hit a record high that awarded 70 the National Natural Science Foundations of China (the first batch) in 2017

The National Nature Fund Review (the first batch) results in 2017 have been announced. The Health Science Center won 70 grants. Among them, the project of Prof. Weiguo Zhu “Investigating on the molecular networks and mechanisms of the interaction between histone deacetylase Sirtuin and p53” supported by the program of the key international (regional) cooperation (2.3 million), the project of Prof. Guorong Xu “Study on the mechanism of Dust mite, non allergen PDI aggravate allergic asthma” awarded continued funding for cooperative Research Fund for overseas and Hong Kong and Macao scholars (1.8 million). The total grants amounted to 28.0657 million, including 27 general projects and 40 Young science foundation projects. This is a record high in the level, amount and funding. Comparing with that in 2016, the number of projects increased by 25, and for the first time we have won the key international cooperation research project.

In the recent years, the Health Science Center attaches great importance to apply National Natural Science Foundation and other high-level scientific research projects in the country. Experts from all fields are invited to have a collective discussion on fund applications and provide help for applying Youth Fund one to one. Additionally, experts are invited to conduct an initial examination of the application that effectively improve the quality of the application and hit rate. In 2017, the Health Science Center has declared 260 projects with a success rate of 26.9%, a significant improvement over the 2016 success rate of 21% (a total of 214 items).